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USVI real estate market heating up for summer

USVI Real Estate Heating Up for Summer

Summer in the islands is always a great time. It’s never too hot, but just warm enough to make hanging out on the beach seem like a good idea. Summertime is also when the islands kick into high gear, with all the great things to do and places to see that make the islands such […]

10 reasons to move to st john

10 Reasons to Move to St John

Some people don’t even realize the US Virgin Islands exist. There is actually a part of the US where the sky is almost always blue, the sun is shining, and the water is warm. Perhaps it’s better St John isn’t better known, as otherwise the Island would be full of people looking for paradise – […]

Living St John

Living on the Island of St John

St John in the US Virgin Islands can seem like a paradise, particularly to someone who comes from farther north in the US. It’s hard to imagine a place that’s 70 degrees year round in the middle of a Wisconsin winter. Taking the next step, going there rather than simply imagining it, can be confusing […]