Visiting the Virgin Islands National Park St. John

The National Park Service is celebrating their 100-year anniversary in August 2016, and one of their more unique parks is Virgin Islands National Park St. John. The adventure begins in just getting to the park, and continues with outdoor activities both on land and sea. From enjoying the scenery at the resort to hiking through […]

The 3 Most Luxurious Homes for Sale in St John, VI

Luxury may be subjective, and beauty may well be in the eye of the beholder, but there are certain features to a home which nobody could deny add value. When looking at luxury properties on the US Virgin Islands, it becomes plainly clear that time and time again that the same key points and sales […]

St John USVI Properties Sold in Q1 2016

We’ve put together the properties sold on St John in the first quarter of 2016, filtered by property type. Homes Sold Three homes sold in a range of $490,000 to $810,000 Condos Sold Land Sold There were nine total lots sold in Q1 2016 on St. John. The average lot price was $290,000, with the […]

How the St. John Real Estate Market Compares to Other USVI Islands

St. John is one of the smallest islands in the US Virgin Islands with a population of about 4,500 residents. When compared with the larger islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix, which both have populations that exceed 50, 000 people, St. John is a much more peaceful area. The fact that most of the island is […]

The 5 Best Hiking Trails in St John

For most visitors to St John, the primary attraction will be the scenic beaches, but there is more to the natural wonder of this island than taking some time by the sea. If you like nature trails and hiking, then you should consider checking out a few of the top hiking trails. With over 7,000 […]

The Most Desirable Communities in St. John Real Estate

Though St. John is the smallest of the three U.S. Virgin Islands, and comprised mostly of the untouched, pristine Virgin Island National Park, it still offers some of the most luxurious properties available, near upscale shopping areas and restaurants, but still secluded enough to give homeowners the privacy they desire. The following areas are the […]

The 5 Best Beaches in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

St. John boasts over a dozen beautiful beaches, and though all have strong points in their favor, including clear water, sandy beaches, and gorgeous views, some have just the right features to rise to the top of the list. 1. Trunk Bay Beach This is first on many lists, not only because it’s the most […]

St. John Real Estate Market Update Oct 2015

The St. John real estate market has a lot to offer potential buyers, but as with any place, the market is ever changing and it will take some effort to stay current. This market update covers a range of different property types and it provides information regarding locations all over the island. Residential For residential […]

Living Like a Celebrity in St John

It’s been said many times that in the United States, celebrities are our aristocratic class. There’s a couple ways that can be interpreted. Their lives are studied in minute detail, with whole publications, TV shows, and even entire channels devoted to their activities and exploits. They determine fashion, to a large extent, setting trends and […]

Drought in USVI Affecting Home Sales

Tropical islands are often seen as lush, jungle filled places, thick with vegetation and deeply green. St John, in particular, is famous for its beautiful emerald green plants and trees, which offer a contrast to the deep blue of the surrounding ocean. However, that picturesque scene has been replaced by a duller brown one, as […]