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Feb 2019 St John Real Estate Market Update

Read our most recent St John real estate market update, as well as new and sold listings on the island.

Real Estate Market Trends on St. John in 2018

The real estate market in St. John seems to be holding its own in 2018 despite some serious challenges due to the Category 5 hurricanes that hit the Islands last summer. Much of the clean-up and repairs have been completed after back-to-back hurricanes, Irma and Maria, tore through the area in September of 2017. The […]

The St. John Real Estate Market Trends

So far in 2016, St. John is on track to have the highest home selling year in several years. The first half of the year rendered 30 sales, which is competitive with the total sales of the last three years. Overall sales were 28 in 2015, 40 in 2014, and 48 in 2013, which indicates […]

18 East End Waterfront Lots for Sale

Beautiful St. John is an island paradise, free of commercialization. It has no cruise ship docks or airports, keeping instead to a simpler and much quieter way of life. For those seeking the peaceful privacy that the beautiful East End has to offer, there are numerous lots of various sizes for sale, all offering the […]

St John USVI Properties Sold in Q1 2016

We’ve put together the properties sold on St John in the first quarter of 2016, filtered by property type. Homes Sold Three homes sold in a range of $490,000 to $810,000 Condos Sold Land Sold There were nine total lots sold in Q1 2016 on St. John. The average lot price was $290,000, with the […]

18 St John Condos for Sale

There is nothing more beautiful and relaxing as island living. St. John has many stunning condos for those just starting a family, older couples looking for that spectacular place to spend their retirement years, or anyone in between. $2,350,000 Villa Pisa Island Home This 3 bedroom condo comes fully furnished, has a private pool, and is […]

St John Commercial Real Estate For Sale

If in the market for St John commercial real estate, there are many different options available, including restaurants, office, and retail spaces. And of course, the size and location are always a factor, depending on what the space will be used for. If looking to buy, or just to lease, here are eight different commercial spots, […]

How the St. John Real Estate Market Compares to Other USVI Islands

St. John is one of the smallest islands in the US Virgin Islands with a population of about 4,500 residents. When compared with the larger islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix, which both have populations that exceed 50, 000 people, St. John is a much more peaceful area. The fact that most of the island is […]

St. John Real Estate Market Update Oct 2015

The St. John real estate market has a lot to offer potential buyers, but as with any place, the market is ever changing and it will take some effort to stay current. This market update covers a range of different property types and it provides information regarding locations all over the island. Residential For residential […]

Drought in USVI Affecting Home Sales

Tropical islands are often seen as lush, jungle filled places, thick with vegetation and deeply green. St John, in particular, is famous for its beautiful emerald green plants and trees, which offer a contrast to the deep blue of the surrounding ocean. However, that picturesque scene has been replaced by a duller brown one, as […]