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The 3 Most Luxurious Homes for Sale in St John, VI

The 3 Most Luxurious Homes for Sale in St John, VI

Luxury may be subjective, and beauty may well be in the eye of the beholder, but there are certain features to a home which nobody could deny add value. When looking at luxury properties on the US Virgin Islands, it becomes plainly clear that time and time again that the same key points and sales features arise in each top-selling home. When we look at the top three highest-selling properties on St. John, for example, we can see that they all share certain characteristics which are highly desirable now, at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Furthermore, such features and thoughtful additions to the home also have a timeless quality, that would see their value rise well into the future.

Private, Personal Paradise

St John is an idyllic place to live, and epitomizes the notion of the island paradise. As such, having a home which deeply reflects this in its location, architectural style and aspects is key in the luxury market. In all three top-selling homes on St. John, we find the concept of the island paradise taken to its logical conclusion, with a sense of privacy and seclusion at their core.

1 Peter Bay

1 Peter Bay demonstrates this perfectly. Palm trees and thick, shady sea grapes open out onto a pristine, private beach with white sands. No mention of this luxury home on Peter Bay could pass without commenting on the views – panoramic views of the sea, of the swaying trees, and of those breathtaking sunsets that bring every day to a close.

80 Chocolate Hole, on the other hand, takes the idea of the island paradise to a truly grand conclusion. This incredible building sits directly on top of Mariaas Bluff, a castle on top of its own private isle.

The third highest priced property on St John, 12 Rem Peter Bay, is equally beautifully situated, peeking above a bank of lush green trees, and enjoying stunning wide views of the sea.

Unique architecture and interior design

The best houses are blank canvases, ready to be made your own. The highest priced homes we find on St John demonstrate this beautifully, with a range of unique and interesting architectural styles which show off a keen sense of taste and interior and exterior design.

At 80 Chocolate Hole, we find a true architectural wonder, evoking old Marrakesh in its Moorish arches and elegant wood and stone flourishes. The property has a genuine and flowing sense of style, with every aspect carefully thought about and pieced together into something truly exotic, and truly special. Across the property’s 11680 square feet, this building utilizes the space around itself while making bold statements at the same time.

80 Chocolate Hole

One of the most obvious features of these homes’ designs is their use of natural building materials, and this is shown beautifully at 1 Peter Bay and 12 Rem Peter Bay. These homes harmonize with their use of natural stone throughout, and a sense of flow is created from the porticoes to the pool houses.

Because the US Virgin Islands are part of such a beautiful, natural ecosystem, it goes without saying that the luxury houses we find on the coast should reflect and respect this. The elevated construction of 12 Rem Peter Bay suggests a sense of homage being paid to local history, which again adds to timeless elements of the home’s appearance. Inside, too, we find lots of natural, polished stone and dark, tropical hardwood floors, bringing the flawless beauty of the national park into the home and increasing the sense of serenity.

Built for Leisure

Each of these luxury homes has one key idea in common: they are spaces to be enjoyed. The owners and designers have clearly gone out of their way to ensure that these houses are not simply for living in, but are also spaces for play, for entertaining guests and letting your hair down.

This can be seen in the beautiful, spacious kitchen 12 Rem. Peter Bay displays. This is a kitchen which, while ideal for cooking for family and friends, really comes into its own as a social space, with ocean views and room for eating and drinking together, or hosting parties.

12 rem peter bay

Outside the houses, we find luxurious, shady, large outdoor swimming areas – again, with ocean views – which offer escapism among pristinely designed stone outhouses and manicured gardens, making your free time an opportunity to connect with nature and truly unwind. 1 Peter Bay is clearly a property built for relaxation. The over-sized pool, hot tub and private spa are the ultimate in luxury and serenity, while the 6596 square feet offer plenty of space to simply be yourself and enjoy the copious natural light.

Games rooms and entertainments spaces feature alongside everything else at 80 Chocolate Hole, a private cinema being the icing on the cake. These are rooms in which to kick back and indulge in hobbies and free-time activities, in a unique and stunning environment.

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