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The St. John Real Estate Market Trends

The St. John Real Estate Market Trends

So far in 2016, St. John is on track to have the highest home selling year in several years. The first half of the year rendered 30 sales, which is competitive with the total sales of the last three years. Overall sales were 28 in 2015, 40 in 2014, and 48 in 2013, which indicates sales are increasing at a greater rate now than they were previously.

St John Residential Real Estate Volume

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Most popular areas

The most popular locations for buying homes on St. John in the past three years have been Chocolate Hole in Cruz Bay and Carolina in Coral Bay. Prices in both Cruz Bay and Coral bay are on the rise which means the industry and island are profiting.

Cruz Bay Prices

  • 2669139.49,2872909.05,3552099.95,3602342.05,3763428.51,4005366.63,4117928.54,4458724.10,4161677.39,4136322.55,4305516.10,3892192.27
  • 4329000.00,1778333.33,927500.00,1429500.00,1333583.33,1473750.00,1578125.00,2052300.00,2616666.67,2450000.00,1287500.00,1467500.00

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Cruz Bay is a popular tourist site and has a large shopping district, while Coral Bay has a larger draw for permanent residents. Half the overall home sales on the island for 2016 have been in these two locations.

Coral Bay Prices

  • 1216010.87,1358950.00,1534640.63,1468347.22,1463303.57,1446015.63,1252500.00,1306842.11,1031470.59,1088055.56,1346388.89,1405555.56
  • 1023000.00,1267187.50,654150.00,849310.00,784000.00,1522500.00,970000.00,1400000.00,1337250.00,0,920000.00,1267500.00

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In Chocolate Hole, five homes have been sold on average per year over the last three years. The selling prices have increased from $670,000 in 2014 to $1.2 Million in 2016. Overall home size per sale has increased as well, ranging from 3 to 4 bedroom homes in 2014 to 3-5 bedroom homes in 2016.

Carolina has been very popular with nine homes on average being sold per year over the last three years. Selling prices are lower than Chocolate Hole, with the low starting at $145,000 in 2014 to a low of $266,000 in 2016, but properties are selling for more each year. Homes are also growing in size per sale, with the average 1-4 bedrooms in 2014 to 2-3 bedrooms in 2016.

Listing and selling trends

This year more than half the homes sold have gone for under $1 Million, with condo sales slowing and home and land sales increasing. The average land sale price has been about $200,000 with listing and selling prices varying depending on the location on the island.

St John Residential Real Estate Prices

  • 2344664.76,2382615.11,2722605.04,3147056.79,3096768.91,3252097.42,3299377.25,3247416.65,3373710.51,3214060.33,3181008.46,3315408.32
  • 2617950.00,2676000.00,2946171.88,732250.00,1139405.00,1083772.73,1483500.00,1213250.00,1865928.57,1885571.43,2450000.00,1103750.00

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  • Cruz Bay
    • Selling prices are increasing steadily since January, fetching listing price by July
  • Coral Bay
    • Selling prices have been increasing since March, reaching above listing price by June and into July
  • Reef Bay
    • Listing prices are very high compared to selling prices
    • Selling has been sporadic with a peak every three months and then a drop
  • East End
    • Selling goes flat every three months
    • Prices do reach listing price and even rise above, such as in March and June

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